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Tales Of Egypt

Klappentext. This collection brings the world of ancient Egypt to life with tales of journey and discovery, including the stories of Amen-Ra and Isis, and the. Embrace your inner geek with Puffin Pixels Puffin Pixels is a new collection of classics featuring pixelated, 8-bit video game cover artwork. Whether youre an. Getting the books tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green now is not type of challenging means. You could not without help going subsequently book.

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Getting the books tales of ancient egypt roger lancelyn green now is not type of challenging means. You could not without help going subsequently book. Inhaltsangabe zu "Tales of Ancient Egypt". Contains stories of the great myths - of Amen-Ra, who created all the creatures in the world; of Isis, seaching the. Right here, we have countless ebook ancient egypt tales of gods and pharaohs and collections to check out. We additionally manage to pay for.

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Tales of the Magicians - Egyptian Tales, translated from the Papyri, Series One

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Tales Of Egypt Tales of Ancient Egypt. by. Roger Lancelyn Green (Editor), Heather Copley (Illustrator) · Rating details · 1, ratings · reviews. Features stories that include the great myths - of Amen-Ra, who created all the creatures in the world; of Isis, searching the waters for her dead husband Osiris; of the Bennu Bird and the Book of Thoth. About: The fairy tales and mythology from Egypt are elaborate sacred tales of order, chaos and renewal, of gods and goddesses, who die and are reborn, and Pharaohs who maintain the order of the Universe. Join Moses of the Hebrews in A Tale of Egypt to save his people from the evil Pharoh, Ramses. Miriam and Jochebed walk to a river carrying a baby boy in a woven basket. The Jochebed places the basket in the river and she and Miriam hide from the Pharaoh's daughter and her servants. Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green includes several stories from the beginning to the end of ancient Egypt, told in a way that is easy for children to understand. The book is split into three sections: Tales of the Gods, Tales of Magic, and Tales of Adventure. A Tale of Egypt. () ·. 45 min. TV-G. Kids & Family. Musicals. Animation. The entertaining musical take on the Biblical story of Moses, the hero who bravely lead the Israelites to freedom through his faith. Tales of Ancient Egypt (Puffin Classics): Green, Roger, Green, Roger Lancelyn, Rosen, Michael: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Tales of Ancient Egypt (Puffin Pixels): Green, Roger Lancelyn: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Klappentext. This collection brings the world of ancient Egypt to life with tales of journey and discovery, including the stories of Amen-Ra and Isis, and the. Right here, we have countless ebook ancient egypt tales of gods and pharaohs and collections to check out. We additionally manage to pay for. How did this shining beacon of civilization and knowledge meet its classical demise? Sorry, guys. He tries to block out the plague by guarding his son all night, but he dies nontheless. What were their materials that were Google LГ¤dt Langsam Firefox necessary in their journeys in life and also in death.

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DE Above the arch projected an iron rod from which depended a hook; and if I could reach the bar it would be possible to get astride the wall. Cock-crow that morning discovered me at the private residence, in the Boulevard Clot-Bey, of one Suleyman Levi, with whom I Tales Of Egypt had minor dealings in the past. Boldly represented immediately to the left of his chair stood a mummy in an ornate sarcophagus, and forth from the swathed figure into the light cast downwards from an antique lamp, floated a beautiful spirit shape—that of an Egyptian priestess. Other Editions Fatimah has locked the door of my room and will admit no one, because I have a headache and Slots Heaven Casino sleeping! Therefore, as she brings her two servants, it has been possible for her to remain here. In a trice I was unbound and once more upon my feet. For some minutes he was unable to Interac E Transfer Down a word, and when at last he achieved speech, his first utterance constituted a verbal thunderbolt. The commander of Mamluks entered his capital and killed many people there and Twins Casino all houses there and he left this devastating town. Golden Films watched. Play For Real. I've taught Ancient Egypt to middle school students Super Bowl 2021 Nationalhymne years now - along with Ancient Mesopotamia, The Ancient Indus, Ancient China Thereupon I entrusted my weight to the shaft, swinging out over the well of the courtyard. Furthermore, to their presence there I owed my having awakened when I did. Strung up to a high pitch Wwm excitement, I gazed through the glasses in the direction indicated by my companion. Inhaltsangabe A wonderful blend of magical ancient Egyptian tales. Das sagen andere Hörer zu Tales of Ancient Egypt. Hope Street - Gewinnspiel Jetzt eins von 3 handsignierten Exemplaren gewinnen!
Tales Of Egypt Tales of Egypt is channel related to every thing is mystery or ambiguity about ancient Egypt so just follow us to know more about that. 6/29/ · TALES OF SECRET EGYPT. PART I TALES OF ABÛ TABÂH. I THE YASHMAK OF PEARLS. T HE duhr, or noonday call to prayer, had just sounded from the minarets of the Mosques of Kalaûn and En-Nasîr, and I was idly noting the negligible effect of the adan upon the occupants of the neighboring shops—coppersmiths for the most part—when suddenly my. 30 rare historic photos about Egypt Episode The video is a documentation of a group of pictures taken in in southern Egypt, where we follow a closely related excavation journey and how archaeologists were using men in excavation and water suction machines .
Tales Of Egypt

Animated story of biblical Moses, part of the Enchanted Tales children series. This is not horrible, but it does have many mistakes.

The most obvious problem is the character design. At a simple sight, they look decent, but there are European-looking people even Caucasian people in Africa and the Mediterrean Sea.

The first Pharaoh and some foot soldiers had beards, while real Egyptians would have shaven them off. The animation is not always bad, but it is inconsistent and there are lots of notable goofs, like some slaves disappearing in the background or mistakes with Rameses' hands.

The movements of the crowds were hard to believe and looked too false. The characters in general were personality-thin, with the exception of Moses, but even him has his flatness.

The story, while very faithful to the Bible, has inconsistencies and in general lacks emotion. In example of the inconsistencies, Moses tells Jethro that he is an Israelite, but he didn't know about Jacob a.

The narrative felts rushed in some situations, because they cut quickly in some bits, like when Moses sees the "burning" bush. On the walls of the Deir el-Bahari temple in Luxor, a certain bas-relief depicts five boats setting sail for the distant land of Punt, ordered by their queen, the powerful Hatshepsut.

Originally believed to be sailing up and down the Nile, the fresco at Luxor suggests that Hatshepsut's expedition sailed across the Red Sea.

Could it be that the Egyptians were a seafaring society? Customers who watched this item also watched. Hunt , Nick Gillam-Smith Season year Network MagellanTV Content advisory Mild drug use , moderate violence Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video streaming online video Devices Available to watch on supported devices.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Wildly inaccurate and misleading information about the contents of hieroglyphics.

No egyptoligist that does not recognize the symbol for Isis should be permitted to have access to a restricted area to make a video about it.

Joann Fletcher and Terry Jones appear to be absolutely dangerous to any intelligent comprehension of egyptology.

The fact that episode 4 and 5 made it through final production calls the entire series into question. Corn is from the Americas which was not even known to Egypt at the time of these tombs.

What kind of education allows two grown adults interested in Egyptology to confuse corn and barley or wheat? Although seemingly interesting, this is the opposite of educational.

It's so wildly wrong that allowing people to believe it is informative or educational is absolutely dangerous to the minds of the watchers.

One dating much after Sneferu, and bearing the cartouche of Apepi II one of the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings came to light late in the nineteenth century; it was reported to be the ring which, traditionally, Joseph wore as emblematical of the power vested in him by Pharaoh.

Sir Gaston Maspero and other authorities considered it to be a forgery and it vanished from the ken of connoisseurs. I never learned by what firm it was manufactured.

I thought it to be deserted—until I entered the little tent An oil-lamp stood upon a wooden box; and its rays made yellow the face of the man stretched 57 upon the camp-bed.

My premonition was realized; Bishop must have entered the pyramid less than an hour ahead of me; he it was who had stood upon the mound, silhouetted against the sky, when I had first approached the slope.

He had met with the fate of Ahmed Abdulla. He had been dead for at least two hours, and by the token of certain hideous glandular swellings, I knew that he had met his end by the bite of an Egyptian viper.

Upon the third finger of his swollen right hand Bishop wore the ring of ghastly history; and the mysterious significance of the Sign of Set became apparent.

For added to the usual cartouche of the Pharaoh was the symbol of the god of destruction, thus:. We buried him deeply, piling stones upon the grave, that the jackals of the desert might never disturb the last holder of the death-ring of Sneferu.

T HE interior of the room was very dark, but with the aid of the electric torch which I carried I was enabled to form a fairly good impression of its general character, and having now surveyed the entire house I had concluded that it might possibly serve my purpose.

The real ownership of many native houses in Cairo is difficult to establish, and the unveracious Egyptian from whom I had procured the keys may or may not have been entitled to let the premises.

However, he had the keys; and that in the Near East is a sufficient evidence of ownership. My viewing the place at night was dictated by motives of prudence; for I did not propose unduly to impress my personality upon the inhabitants of the Darb el-Ahmar.

Moonlight slanted down into the narrow lane which the window overhung and cast a quaint fretwork shadow upon the dusty floor at my feet.

Idly I opened one of the little square lattices and peered down into the shadowy gully beneath. The lane was silent and 59 empty, and I next directed my attention to a similar window which protruded from the adjoining house.

A panel corresponding to mine stood open also in the neighboring window; and by means of a soft light in the room I detected the head and shoulders of a woman, who, her arm resting upon the ledge, surveyed the vacant night.

By reason of her position, whilst her hand and arm lay fully in the moonlight, her face and figure were indistinct.

I, on the contrary, was clearly visible to her, and although I knew that she must have seen me she made no effort to withdraw.

On the contrary, she leaned artlessly forward as if to gaze upon the stars, permitting me a sight of her unveiled face and of a portion of her shapely neck.

Her eyes, as is usual with Egyptian women, were large and fine, and as is usual with all women, she was aware of the fact, casting glances upward and to the right and left calculated to exhibit their beauty.

The coquetry of her movements was unmistakable; and when, lifting a pretty arm, she brushed aside a lock of hair which overhung her brow and uttered a tremulous sigh, I perceived that I had found favor in her sight.

And indeed the graceful gesture had inclined my heart towards her; for it had served to reveal not only the symmetry of her shape but the presence upon her arm, immediately above the elbow, of a magnificent bangle in gold and lapis-lazuli which, if I might trust my judgment, was fashioned no 60 later than the XIXth dynasty!

Clearly the house next door, and its occupant, were the property of some man of wealth and taste. But the presence of an armlet finer than anything in the Treasure of Zagazig placed a new complexion upon this affair, and the connoisseur within me took the matter out of my hands.

Thus encouraged:—. She sighed again and directed upon me a glance that was less wretched than roguish.

Evidently the adventure was much to her liking. Footsteps sounded in the lane beneath—whereat the vision at the window vanished and the lattice was closed; but not before the girl had intimated by a gesture that I was to remain.

Discreetly withdrawing into my dusty apartment, I endeavored to make out the form of the intruder who now was passing underneath the window; but the density of the shadows in the lane rendered it impossible for me to do so.

He seemed to pause for a time and I imagined that I could see him staring upward; then he passed on and silence again claimed that deserted quarter of Cairo.

For fully half an hour I waited, and was preparing to depart when a part of the shadows overlying the projecting window seemed to grow blacker, and I realized with joy that at last the lattice was reopening, but that the room within was now in darkness.

Closing my own, I picked up the parcel. It proved to be a small ivory box, which at some time had evidently contained kohl , wrapped in a piece of silk and containing a note.

Returning to the lower floor I directed the light of my electric torch upon this charmingly romantic billet. I give it in its entirety. My cautious inquiries respecting the house in the Darb el-Ahmar led only to the discovery that it belonged to a mysterious personage whose real identity was unknown even to his servants; but this did not particularly intrigue me; for in the East the maintenance of two entirely self-contained establishments is not more uncommon than in countries less generously provided in the matter of marriage laws.

Joseph Malaglou had hitherto successfully conducted this matter for me, receiving the goods and storing them at his own warehouse; but for various reasons I had decided in future to lease an establishment of my own for this purpose.

He approached me with outstretched hand; he was perniciously polite; his ingratiating smile fired my soul with a lust of blood. Fortunately, our business was brief.

Joseph Malaglou was palpably disturbed—a mysterious circumstance, since, whilst I had made no mention of reducing his fees, under the new arrangement he would be saved trouble and storage.

I stood on the steps watching him depart, a man palpably disturbed in mind; indeed his behavior 64 was altogether singular, and could only portend one thing—knavery.

I think it highly probable that the Ottoman Empire had a certain claim upon Joseph Malaglou. He was one of those nondescript brutes whose mere existence is a menace to our rule in the Near East.

He openly applauded British methods, and was the worst possible advertisement for the cause he claimed to have espoused. I procured the keys from the venerable old thief who had leased me the premises and learned from him that a representative of Joseph Malaglou had been admitted to the house earlier in the evening, in accordance with my instructions, and had delivered a load of boxes there.

Thus, on opening the door, I was not surprised to find the ten cases from Alexandria lying within, neatly labelled:. Ascending to the top floor, I mounted the rickety ladder and unbolted and opened the trap.

A cautious glance to the right revealed the fact that little difficulty existed in passing from roof to roof; for in Egyptian houses these are flat and are used for various domestic purposes.

I consulted my watch: the hour of the tryst was come. She wore high-heeled French shoes upon her pretty feet and her picturesque hair was concealed beneath a large Panama hat, from the brim of which floated one of those voluminous green veils dear to the heart of touring woman and so arranged as to hide her face.

Only the gleam of her eyes and teeth was visible through the gauze. I assisted her to step across, wondering since she was thus attired, to what crazy expedition I was committed.

Fatimah has locked the door of my room and will admit no one, because I have a headache and am sleeping! Resting her hand confidingly in mine, she de 66 scended the ladder into the adjoining house, and, removing the veil from her face, looked up at me.

I suppose a lengthy essay upon the mentality of Oriental womanhood would serve no purpose here, therefore I refrain from inserting it.

She had conceived a characteristically Eastern and sudden infatuation for my society; nor am I prepared to maintain that she would have remained obdurate to anyone else who had been in a position to unbolt the door which offered the only chance of escape from her prison.

For two months, I gathered, she had been in Cairo, during which time she had never passed beyond the walls of the neighboring courtyard.

With frightened, fascinated eyes she was staring across the street, apparently at a group of curiously muffled natives—and her whole body was trembling.

They halted at once; but no answering voice broke the uncanny silence in which they regarded me. An angry muttering arose from the little knot of oddly muffled figures, but not one of them had the courage to attempt a pursuit of the fugitive.

Keeping my back to the wall of the mosque and feeling along it with one hand outstretched, I began to back away from the attacking party; intending to take to my heels along the first lane I came to.

This plan was sound enough; its weakness lay in the fact that I could make no proper survey of that which lay immediately behind me.

The result was that I backed into someone who must have been stealthily approaching from the rear. I knew nothing of his presence until he suddenly 69 threw himself upon from behind, and I was down on my face in the dust!

My pistol was jerked out of my hand, and, still preserving that unbroken disconcerting silence, the muffled group bore down upon me.

I gave myself up for lost. My unseen assailant, who seemingly possessed wrists of steel, jerked my right hand up into the region of my shoulder-blades and pinioned my left arm so as to render me helpless as an infant.

Then two of the muffled Nubians—for Nubians the moonlight now showed them to be—raised me to my feet, and the grip from behind was removed. That I had unwittingly intruded upon the amours of some wealthy and unscrupulous pasha I no longer doubted; and knowing somewhat of the ways of outraged lovers of the East, the mental vision which arose before me was unpleasing to contemplate.

Yet even the extravagant picture which my imagination had painted fell short of the ferocious reality. For even as I was lifted upright, in the grasp of my huge guards, a door in the side of the neighboring mosque burst open, and there sprang into view an excessively tall, excessively lean and hawk-faced old man carrying a naked scimitar in his hand.

He possessed eyes like the eyes of an eagle, and a thin, hooked nose having dilated, quivering nostrils. In three huge strides he reached me, towered over me like some evil ginnee of Arabian lore, and raised his gleaming scimitar with the 70 unmistakable intention of severing my head from my trunk at a single blow!

I think I have never experienced an identical sensation in my life; my tongue clave to the roof of my mouth; my heart suspended its functions; and I felt my eyes start forward in their sockets.

I had not thought my constitution capable of such profound and helpless fear, nor had I hitherto paid proper respect to the memory of Charles I.

I would gladly have closed my eyes in order that I might not witness the downward sweep of the fatal blade, but the lids seemed to be paralysed.

Never whilst memory serves me can I forget one detail of the appearance of that frightful old devil; and never can I forget my gratitude to that unseen captor, the man who had seized me from behind, and who now, alone, averted the blade from my neck.

Over my head he lunged—with an ebony stick—and skilfully; so that the pointed ferrule came well and truly into contact with the knuckles of my would-be executioner.

The weapon fell, jingling, at my feet Dignified, unruffled, his classically beautiful face composed and resembling, in the moonlight, beneath the snowy turban, that of some young prophet, he stood, one protective hand resting upon my shoulder, and confronted my assailant.

His 71 eyes were aglow with the eerie light of fanaticism. For five seconds the other sustained the strange gaze of those big, mysterious eyes, then folded his arms upon his breast, audibly gnashing his large and strong-looking teeth and averting his head from my direction in order that spleen might not consume him.

In a trice the Nubians fell back, and I was free. The infuriated old man directed upon me a glance that was bloodily ferocious, but—.

To-night a damsel in distress, flying from a brutal captor, solicited my aid. Alas, I fear to contemplate what may have befallen her as a result of such vile and foolish conduct.

Did I not see with mine own eyes how she embraced thee? O, son of a mange, that I should have lived to have witnessed so obscene a spectacle. Step by step the Sheikh approached closer; syllable by syllable his voice rose higher.

I spit upon her memory! He ceased from lack of breath, and stood quivering before me. But at last I had grasped the clue to this imbroglio into which fate had thrust me.

Again I tell thee that I sought to deliver the damsel from her persecutor, and, perceiving an ambush, she clung to me as her only protector.

Thou are demented. Let another earn the paltry reward; I will have none of it. There are certain shocks that numb the brain. This was one of them. My narrow escape from decapitation at the hands of the ferocious Arab assassin and the tangled love-affairs of that aged Othello became insignificant memories.

I seem to recollect that we left him in tears. The street was quite deserted again. Those muffled Nubians who seemed to constitute a bodyguard for my inscrutable companion had disappeared in company with the bereaved Sheikh.

I pressed the button of my electric torch and directed its rays fully upon the stack of boxes. Knowing, as I did, that this strange man was in some way connected with the native police and with the guardianship of Egyptian morals, I recognized refusal to be impolitic if not impossible.

But, as we set to work to raise the lid of the chest, my mind was more feverishly busy than my fingers. Ere long our task was successful, and the contents of the chest lay exposed.

These were: two hundred Osiris statuettes, twelve one-pound tins of mummy heads Silence was no effort to me now; I was dumbfounded.

The musical voice of my companion broke in upon my painful reverie. The suppression of this vile hashish traffic is so near to my heart that I immediately secured the necessary powers to search the premises named, and was on my way hither when I observed you although I did not at once recognize you in the act of escaping from a group of my servants who had been detailed, some weeks ago, to trace a missing damsel known to be in Cairo.

Concerning your share in that affair I await a full statement from your own lips; concerning your share in this I can only say that unless Ahmed Ben Tawwab comes forward by to-morrow and admits his guilt, I must apply to the British agent for a formal inquiry.

Is there anything that you would wish to say, or any action you desire that I should take? I turned to him in the dim light. Habitually I am undemonstrative, especially with natives.

But there was a nobility and an implacable sense of justice about this singular religieux which conquered me completely. I have committed a grave folly; but I am neither an abductor nor a hashish dealer.

This is the work of an unknown enemy, and already I have a theory respecting his identity. After the hour of morning prayer, therefore, I will visit you.

A dog howled. I re-entered the doorway conscious of a sudden mental excitement; for an explanation of the anonymous letter had just presented itself to my mind.

The owner of the neighboring house must have detected my rendezvous with his lady-love, have investigated the contents of the cases, and denounced me from motives of revenge!

Fatimah, that mother of calamities, has betrayed me, and I dare not return! I am an outcast; for although I was stolen from the Sheikh Ismail without my consent, how can I hope for his forgiveness?

Such a flood of sorrows and confidences overwhelmed me, and I placed a silent but deathless curse upon the lapis armlet which had brought me to this pass.

So very human and natural an ambition met with my hearty approval, and, upon consideration of the word-picture of his domestic state, the old man of the scimitar rose immensely in my esteem.

But I began to see my way more clearly and hope was reborn in my bosom. The ray of my lamp shining out ahead, I came to the crazy ladder giving access to the trap.

I climbed up, raising the trap, and gazed upon the jeweled dome of midnight Egypt. Dire necessity spurred me, and I walked across to the adjoining trap, care 80 fully inserted two fingers in the iron ring and pulled.

It was not fastened below! Inch by inch I raised it, and, finding the room beneath it to be in darkness, opened the trap fully and descended the ladder.

I flashed the light quickly about the place; then stood staring at what it revealed. My heart began to beat rapidly, for in that dirty attic I had found salvation A heavy curtain was draped in the doorway, but I could see that the room within was illuminated.

This city was like a huge camp for twenty years and over one hundred thousand workers there. So the great Pyramid was not just building but it was example for this civilization about the progress in all fields during this time.

In every place in Egypt you can meet new secret or miracle to discover new lesson about this civilization which live forever.

This makes us think deep in that we are the humans we can do miracles by simple things but the important we have willingness and the desire to do that and this is the secret of the secrets of the Pharaonic civilization.

Monday, 12 January Atlantis. Many books talked about the lost continent where its place between Africa and North of America which flooded water of Atlantic Ocean now from thousands years.

This theory rely on what clerks philosopher Plato for utopia, where the remains of the city next to the description Spain saw its ruins and is believed to be sunk because of the flood of Noah.

Many writers link this lost continent with Pharaonic civilization where the people who lived in this continent were highly applicants in all fields of the science and they migrated to Egypt after that or there were many kinds of communications between them and the Pharaohs and this was the main reason for technological advances in the fields of astronomy, arithmetic, geometry in Pharaonic civilization.

Some of writers talked about continent of Atlantis as a center for all space ships and creatures which came from this universe to visit the earth and these creatures taught the people many things which moved to Pharaohs after that.

Their evidences about that the sun gates which found in different civilizations and the Pyramids too. Some of engravings and drawings which found in different civilizations and it seem to be like plane or suit astronauts.

There are other evidences about that like great wall km long in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and still now we can't discover that due the huge pressure in the bottom of Atlantic Ocean.

I think these tales about the lost continent are very weak because still now we have not strong evidence about that especially there are any remains or just some of temples refer to this continent.

There is no any sign or hieroglyphic writing to tell us about this civilization but these entire theories just hypothesis without tangible evidence.

Although still we have many secrets about the Pharaohs still unknown but this means the Pharaohs were very clever to observe the movements in this universe.

Sunday, 11 January Mohammed Ali Street. It is famous street in Cairo and the most of people who live there are singers, musicians and dancers especially oriental dancers so this street has long history over two hundred years.

This street has many old theaters and belly dance halls which was very famous place during British occupation of Egypt during the beginnings of previous century where the British soldiers spent their vacations or their nights in these cabarets and drink wines during their watching belly dancers.

The history has many events related to this street because this street had many famous theaters which show many plays and Drama for many famous Egyptian artists so if you visit this street you will see many old stores for musical instruments and many old pictures for different Egyptian artists from different time stages especially from the early twenties until the end of the fifties.

In this period this street was full of energy and different nationalities plus Egyptians too because this street every night show many different kinds of art such as singing, music, acting and dance.

When Mohammed Ali Pasha take over the rule of Egypt at the beginning of year he found many of Mamluks opposed to his rule of Egypt he decided to get rid of them where he invited them in the castle for great feast but they discovered he invited them to kill them.

Actually he killed them except one escaped through jumping with his horse above the wall of castle and this day called castle massacre. All these Mamluks were warlords and their huge entourage of slaves and concubines of dancers and singers in their palaces.

After the castle massacre these dancer and singers found them without anyone can give them money so they decided to leave these palaces and live in this street.

In the beginning these dancers and singers show their arts for ordinary people through the parties such as weddings.

Since this time this street became famous of singers and dancers and it became like important place for all people interest with music or Drama and many famous Egyptian artists came from this street.

Saturday, 10 January Pond of the blood. Really i don't know if this right or wrong but this is fact and their perceptions about these bloods. Friday, 9 January Another dimension.

When you find yourself among Pharaonic temples you can feel with awe and magnitude of the place and you can feel that there is a relationship between you and the place.

Just when you think we all a part from this universe and this universe full of souls which fly in every place but actually they related to their places.

When I walk among these temples or visit some of tombs in the king valley I can smell the history there and ask myself many questions about every place and how can I imagine all tales about this place.

I think if you will visit these temples just spend your time to meditate it to allow your soul to fly in this place and touches all souls which fly in this place.

I mean just change your way in the thinking or think out of box. Everyone has two dimensions which overlap with the time.

The first dimension is the tangible or physical state. In another dimension is intangible state where we can use our electrostatic fields which we can cross the time to release our souls.

Just give your soul the freedom to feel like you're part of this place and wandering soul with the thousands of souls that inhabit the place over all these years, maybe that's part of the charm of the pharaohs and their ability to non-physical communication.

This relationship cannot describe its beauty but they belong to you and the place only this is the secret of secrets of the Pharaonic civilization.

Thursday, 8 January The death. It was amazing innovation for all children in this time and it is not easy to get this canon because it was handmade and need money to buy every part and going to someone has good experience in this canon.

The other children had piece of wood with nail instead of this canon. This canon to use it you should do some procedures and preparations. I still remember I discover specific method to increase its efficacy through putting some of molten lead to increase the sound of explosion.

We were filling this cannon with sulfur flammable and wait for the time of the sunset and when we hear the call to prayer call this small cannon is issued a loud noise like an explosion to know everyone that the time of fasting is over and everyone is happy that we are convicted of obligatory fasting of Ramadan this day to Allah, we gather all children, even those small cannons we are launching at the same time in order to feel pleasure.

Actually these canons disappeared and it became just memories for me and my son now uses Chinese rockets instead of these canons.

Monday, 19 January Ramadan. I have many memories about Ramadan where the games and spending my times with my friends and I still remember my mother was saying to me you are vagabond boy because all the day and the night I was playing in the streets.

I remember Ramadan in because it was special year for me because I had ten years and I decided to fast for the first time for me but it was our decision me and my friends.

In this year Ramadan came in the summer and the weather was very hot so we suffered from the thirty because we still young children and actually I fasted about fourteen days.

In this year Ramadan was very amazing where the World Cup football matches where it was before breaking the Ramadan fast time and after it. I was watching these matches with my brothers during preparing the food during waiting the sunset and with my friends during the night in popular cafes.

In this time I encourage my favorite team which is the German team for football and I thought myself like Rummenigge and he was the German player was famous at the time.

He was my ideal player. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

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Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green.

Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green Editor ,. Heather Copley Illustrator. Features stories that include the great myths - of Amen-Ra, who created all the creatures in the world; of Isis, searching the waters for her dead husband Osiris; of the Bennu Bird and the Book of Thoth.

But there are also tales told for pleasure about magic, treasure and adventure - even the first ever Cinderella story.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published August 1st by Puffin first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions All Editions Add a New Edition Combine.

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